Off the list

Yesterday I was offered my column in Sight and Sound back. Nick James wrote:

Dear Danny

I’m glad to say that the position apropos your column has changed. I did over-react on this issue, but I want to take this opportunity to explain my reasoning.

Carefully argued criticism of the BFI is one thing, one-line uncontextualised personal sniping is another. It is the latter that is alien to Sight & Sound’s ethos, and that’s why we felt there was a problem of association.

However, you didn’t write the one-liner in Sight & Sound, and I agree that the issue of freedom of speech is too important to be affected by a one-line jibe, so I’m happy to offer you your column back, should you decide to accept it, along with a personal apology from me for the anxiety caused.


I won’t say much else except that the future of the BFI is indeed a matter for careful and serious, not to mention open and honest, argument.

Thank you to everyone who offered support, both publicly and privately, not just for me, but for S&S‘s editorial integrity. Sight and Sound‘s a great magazine and I’m delighted to still be writing for it.


6 responses to “Off the list

  1. That’s good news, well done! x

  2. Excellent news!

    I’m really pleased for you Danny, not to mention the subscribers to “Sight and Sound” who will still be able to read your column.

    Just remember, no one-line uncontextualised personal sniping.
    Although, where is the fun in that?

  3. Brilliant, I’m glad good sense has prevailed!

  4. Well done. A small victory, but one well worth winning.

  5. No New Year’s resolutions this year?
    Playing safe??

  6. A triumph for the art of one-line uncontextualised personal sniping, a personal favourite of mine.

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