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My cultural life in 2010

My cultural life in 2010, nerdishly accounted for (except for the month of November, in which according to my records I partook in no cultural activity at all) looked like this:

I visited 60 exhibitions, including both temporary exhibitions and permanent collections.

I watched 60 films, of which I saw 33 at the cinema, 20 were on DVD, one was a download of a non-commercially-available film, and six were screenings followed by a discussion above a pub. Not included: television, archival TV, and box sets.

I read 34 books, of which 20 were fiction and 14 non-fiction. This isn’t counting books I started and didn’t finish.

I attended eleven talks, public lectures and discussions, not counting nine seminars of an MA module.

I attended six and a half performances, mostly of poetry.

I went to six comedy shows but only four plays.

I only went to two gigs, but they were both pretty good.

I saw one opera.

I don’t expect 2011 to be as busy.